From the market garden to the table!

Quality is the main ingredient of each and every Cucinbon product. Our scrupulous manufacturing procedures and careful selection of primary raw enable us to obtain consistently top-quality products. Nothing is left to chance in any of the manufacturing processes; from harvesting the raw materials to final packaging, every phase, every link in the production chain, is executed with the utmost attention and commitment, going on to include selection throughout all the stages of production control, without forgetting the sort of manual operations that are often crucial in order to ensure and safeguard the perfect integrity of every product and consequently the maximum yield in terms of quality.

A chain of events that begins with exclusively fresh, perfectly ripe raw materials that are selected at the right moment in the season, cleaned and inspected first by severe, expert hands and then by precise equipment in order to guarantee full respect for the original wholesomeness, flavor and  fragrance of each vegetable product.